1966 Lotus Elan S3 SE

Price: £39,950.00 | Location: London

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Mason & Sons have always championed the best of British design – in all of its guises... and in particular that created for transport. We have introduced the "Wheels" section of our website to not only share the things we love, but also to offer the opportunity of owning them. 

The first car off the starting line is a very pretty Lotus Elan. Some of our readers may consider it a surprising choice for an inaugural piece, but there is a wonderful connection with former Mr Fish customer Jimi Hendrix pictured with a similar model above in 1967 - the year he was living at the current Mason & Sons HQ in Montagu Square. The Elan was also famously driven by one of our favourite Bond girls, Diana Rigg, in her role as Emma Peel in The Avengers – often seen wearing a Richard Allan headscarf as she sped along.

The Lotus Elan not only made rock stars and actors look cool and stylish, it is considered by many to be one of the best handling and performing Sports cars of the 20th Century. A fact confirmed by none other than the legendary Gordon Murray, designer of the mythical McLaren F1Murray was once asked by Motor Sport magazine, “It’s your last drive, one car, one road.” “What car and where?” Murray replied, “Lotus Elan, Scottish Highlands”.

This rare 1966 S3 Special Equipment DHC model is an absolute gem. And a very special opportunity. Amongst its few previous owners (as confirmed on the original buff logbook still with the car) was Robert Horne, who also owned numerous exotic sports and sports racing cars including the Land Speed Record Ferrari 512M, and a Ford France GT40 – clearly a man who knew the best cars when he saw them.

Following Horne’s ownership, the car passed through several hands finally landing with the previous owner, a mechanical engineer, who owned and cherished the car for almost 40 years. During his tenure he personally maintained the car and undertook all of the essential tasks, including changing the time-worn original chassis for a Lotus-supplied galvanised replacementThe car was painted by the late, legendary Mick Miller, and the paintwork remains superb to this day.

As a result of this careful ownership, the car has comprehensive file of paperwork and invoices documenting its history and maintenance records. A check with the Lotus registrar also confirms that this car still retains its original factory supplied twin-camotor fed via twin Weber carburettors. All of the important detail pieces which are becoming so hard to find for early Elans are present on this car, including, for example, black insert ‘teardrop’ gear knob, rear view mirror, Radiomobile radio, original jack etc. 

Most recently this car has received a great deal of refining and servicing by specialists at Bell Classicinvoices for which are available in the comprehensive history folder. A full report on the car was provided by Bell Classics’ chief mechanic (ex Len Street, Chelsea) and all items have since been meticulously taken care of. The steering ‘feel’ is sublime, throttle response immediate, and the four discs pull it up to a halt efficiently. This is a special opportunity to own one of the very finest examples of this rare S/E derivative.