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1938 Austin Seven H.J. Mulliner-Style Boat Tail

£19,500 | Location: United Kingdom

A beautiful boat-tail Austin 7 with a body constructed to a Mulliners of Birmingham plan, by whom a number of similar cars were produced in period. The car is in flawless, freshly restored condition, with few miles put on it since a full rebuild. The car goes extremely well with great power from the diminutive little engine. A full photographic file comes detailing minutely its construction. The car is assembled from an assortment of best available Austin 7 parts starting with a bare chassis. The car was assigned a period plate due to a paragraph in the DVLA rules stating:

"Vehicles comprising genuine period components of the same specification all over 25 years old will be assigned an age-related registration mark. The appropriate vehicle enthusiasts club must confirm authenticity of the components."

A Leather bonnet strap holds down the polished aluminium bonnet. The builder notes that W.O.Bentleys and the like have £140.00 items backed in lambswool to stop the bonnet paint chafing. In the Austins' case a pair of £6.00 gents trouser leather belts from Walsall market did the trick! The car is running 12 volt electrics allowing for decent modern lights etc. A modern SU carb feeds the engine fed by an electric fuel pump. Pleasingly, the wings and metal parts are coach painted to a high standard.

The body has been beautifully done in an ash frame covered in black Rexine fabric. The boot lid flips open to reveal a useful luggage space containing the spare wheel & having room for additional soft bags. The car comes with a full tonneau cover, allowing the car to be zipped closed when unattended. To the rear is a luggage rack allowing for a hard suitcase to be mounted on it should the new owner elect to do the Peking to Paris run or similar.

The car sits on 3-nut wire wheels painted in red. Brand new tyres are found at the 4 corners, and the boot-stored spare is also brand new. Foul weather gear consists of.......well....erm...there isn't any. The builder notes that he was pleased to find an original 60mph speedometer, but can't tell us how much he paid in case his wife reads the ad! It was zeroed out when refurbished ,so the car's first MOT reads 3 miles.

To the interior is red hide throughout, including seats & door cards. A matching set of red carpets complete the look as does the polished aluminium bonnet with leather retaining strap along with matching red wings. A Vee windshield adds to the period look. A full set of period instruments are mounted in the dash board. The three-speed gear box is easy to use once one masters the reverse layout with first gear being found where one might more usually expect to find 4th. Reverse is in the 3rd gear position - similar to a 3-speed Rolls Royce 20hp.

Simply put; this is an immaculate fully rebuilt & restored car that has seen only shakedown miles since its build. It is a delight to drive and puts smiles on the faces of all who see it.

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